Software Testing

GEMMACON offers complete software testing services and specializes in providing end to end application testing solutions with the latest tools, trends and techniques at optimal cost. We pride ourselves in producing quality software while ensuring on-time delivery, every time. We constantly work on complex QA requirements leveraging our structured processes, tools and techniques to best serve your AGILE development mentality.

Analytics & Reporting

Go deeper into your data than ever before. Discover insights and patterns with GEMMACON's tailored analytics approach to understanding deeper meanings. Deliver beautiful reports presenting newfound ideas in an easily graspable way. Transform deep domain knowledge into understandable reports with far reaching impact.

App Development

GEMMACON’s in house app development team can create bespoke, multiplatform apps to meet even the most stringent project goals. We also bring to the table a specialist mindset to assist your development teams when milestone delivery is the utmost concern. Whether you need spec-to-product development or specialist engineers to bring experience to your project, we can help.

Web Development

Talk to us about creating the perfect website for your organization. From advanced websites, to customer facing webapps, to internal employee tools and dashboards, whatever your project needs GEMMACON is here to bring it to life. Bring your business into a new digital era with our web development experts.


Leveraging special partnerships with software providers such as KNIME and Tableau, at GEMMACON we offer both open registration and bespoke classes as your pace in a location convenient to your needs. Data analytics and manipulation using KNIME as well as data visualization powered by Tableau will bring insights to projects in all levels of maturity to your team.


Working with GEMMACON means introducing industry best practice automation to your projects. No matter the system, implementation or current capabilities, enter a new era of efficiency with custom automation for your working environment.


Development opportunities over hierarchies

Hierarchies provide requirements for orientation; however, they inhibit the independence and intellectual potential of employees. Instead we provide free development possibilities, since they are the basis of our company culture. Every employee can realize their ideas at GEMMACON. We foster the development of each individual entrepreneurial personality instead of predefined career paths.

Confidence over monitoring

Monitoring devours money, management capacity and lowers the productivity dynamic and employee’s motivation. At GEMMACON confidence plays the leading role. Transparency in all areas and simple regulations are the prerequisites that maximize our performance.

Customer orientation over bureaucracy

Bureaucracy leads to a thicket of forms, long decision-making routes and meaningless meetings. Instead GEMMACON focuses on client orientation. We renounce everything redundant and enable our employees to provide the best possible performance in their projects.



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