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Text processing - KNIME got rhymes

Use Case Webinar - Webinar

May 14, 2021

Are you ready to level up and learn more about KNIME? Join us on May 14, 2021 for a demo of how to use KNIME as a helpful tool to improve your work life! We’ll show you one of the many ways on how to use KNIME - and we promise to keep it fun. Our classes are carefully curated by our Engineering team to help you understand KNIME and learn more about it and its use cases. 

Topic for this class is KNIME got rhymes. Want to find out which of your favorite artists are mentioning popular brands? We’ll show you how many times a brand gets name dropped by artists on their music using the KNIME data analytics platform. The skills you will learn in this session will show you how to use KNIME for data processing where you can break down big projects into smaller, more measurable results.

Location: May 14, 2021 at 11 AM PST via webinar

Duration: 90 minutes

Instructor: Mike Descalzo, Head of Business Development at GEMMACON North America, Inc. 

Level: Introduction to KNIME

Register today to secure your spot. We can’t wait to meet you! 

Update 5/14: Registration is now closed, please visit our LinkedIn for a direct signup.